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Established in 2010, Chengdu JOUAV Automation Tech INC focus on R&D in flight control and navigation system for over 10 years.

The R&D team has strong expertise in flight mechanics modeling and simulation, aerodynamic wind tunnel testing and parameter identification, f light control and navigation, embedded software and hardware development, unmanned aerial vehicle system integration and application software development. All products have complete independent intellectual property rights.

In line with JOUAV’s quest to become an expert and innovator in UAS industry and a problem solver for application industry, Chengdu JOUAV Dapeng Tech Co.,Ltd was established in 2015, that concentrate on providing civil- grade industrial UAV solutions and technical service for our clienteles.

Since the beginning of 2015, the CW Series VTOL fixed wing UAV has successively solved the problem of take-off and landing of industrial drones in a simple and reliable way. It not only redefines the way of field operations of aerial surveying, it is also leading the revolution in workflow and efficiency.

CW- Series are mostly-applied in topography survey, flood zone and land slide survey/mapping, powerline, railway track and pipeline inspection, marine surveillance, water conservancy, forest fire prevention and environment protection.


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Chengdu JOUAV Automation Tech Co., Ltd, adhering to philosophy of technology innovation, military quality and service-oriented, is a company committed to provide qualified UAV avionics system solutions. Create industrial value and pursue clients’ satisfaction is our consistent purpose. Chengdu JOUAV Automation Tech Co., Ltd has a skillful and experienced engineer team, and we will quickly respond to you if you have any questions or problems with our products.

After-sales policy

1, After-sales service content

Field service

Installation guidance, operation debugging, maintenance, fault clearance, technology upgrade,etc.

Need to pay extra staff costs, including basic cost, travel expanse and personnel expenses,etc.

Return-to-factory maintenance

You can send back your faulty items to Chengdu JOUAV maintenance department to repair by express delivery, which will cost lower.

Replacement service under warranty

We will exchange your product if it malfunctions in guarantee period.

Replacement service under warranty

Providing sales of replacement part of mainstream products.We provide replacement parts sales service for you, and we ensure to send you by express delivery as soon as possible.

Our quality warranty is aimed to solve problems caused during manufacturing and production process. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by transportation and unpacking as well as situations listed below:

  • Misuse, abuse and improper installation.
  • Abnormal condition as temperature, dust and other corrosive material.
  • Operation or storage beyond required parameter.
  • Maintenance or modification by clients improperly.
  • Force majeure: for example, thunderstrike.

2, Warranty service

We provide warranty service and accessory change service under eligible warranty clause.

Warranty period

Normal warranty period is 1 year, from the day you buy the product.

Warranty voucher

warranty service can be provided if you present proper voucher, without which we will not provide this service for free.

Warranty content

We offer warranty service for free to our clients if the products have any problems caused by production, fabrication, material,etc.

We offer warranty service with compensation to our clients if clients use improperly. We will firstly check and list all problems to quote price and sign maintenance contract in order to maintain and replace as soon as possible.

Exchange policy under guarantee

If clients refuse to repair under conditions below, we can change a new one for you.

Breakdown caused by main performance fault in 15 days since sold, which is a manufacturing problem of our factory. Breakdown after maintenance twice, which is a manufacturing problem of our factory. The new product will enjoy the warranty period remaining of the old one.

After-sales service process

You need to submit a after-sales service sheet to obtain an order number.

Return-to-factory maintenance

You need to send back the item and after-sales service application sheet with order number to our designated address by express delivery and bear the expenses.

Our after-sales service department will register after receiving the item. Our maintenance department will provide a maintain planning with price to you. After your confirmation we will arrange staff to repair.

We will send you the item after you finish the payment.

Replacement service under warranty

You need to send back the item and after-sales service application sheet with order number to our designated address by express delivery and bear the expenses.

Our after-sales service department will register after receiving the item. Our maintenance department will check and confirm. We will send you a new one after confirmation by sales manager.

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